What Up, Fashion’s Night Out?!?


Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) began in 2009 as a means to encourage consumers to shop and support the fashion industry during a time when the economy is not so great. Also, with online shopping being so prevalent, it was a good way to encourage people to visit brick-and-mortar stores. In Boston, they close off the entire stretch of Newbury Street, and a lot of the stores have promotions and giveaways, and some of them have freebies. There was also stuff going on in Copley Place (next to Newbury Street) and in the South End, but as the event only goes from 7-10 I was only able to explore the stores on Newbury Street.

Image Image

Me, Whitney and Tearny started off at Marc Jacobs. They gave away fingerless gloves, and also had a lot of goodies for their patrons. They had free wine and champagne (which came in a little can and you drank it from a straw!!) and there was also a free photobooth. They also had miniature cupcakes made by their neighbor, Georgetown Cupcakes. The boutique is a little small so it got really crowded and really stuffy quick, but the line for the photobooth went pretty fast so that was good.


Our next stop was Georgetown Cupcakes. They gave a free cupcake to every customer, and I chose the Bananas Foster. It was really rich, and a lot sweeter than their cupcakes usually are. It was still delicious, however, with the cake being really moist and fluffy and the icing to cake proportion was perfect.

There seemed to be fewer promotions this year, so although we stopped at a lot of stores, there weren’t as many freebies. I got a free tote bag at Ted Baker’s but they had run out of champagne glasses (but oddly enough still had a lot of champagne!). Zara also had champagne but I didn’t want to wait in line so I just munched on the breadsticks they had artfully displayed next to the champagne. City Sports had these really good-looking living models – the guy looked so much like a mannequin Tearny didn’t realize he was alive at first! They had a prize wheel and I won a headband (which I have already lost – boo!) We signed up for some raffles with Alex & Ani and some salons, but I did not win as far as I know.



The best store of the evening was Life is Good. Outside, the Hot Tamale Brass Band performed (my roommate’s stepfather was there, he’s the one with the billy-goat beard in the photo above), and the crowd really enjoyed it. Inside, they had food from Joe’s (a restaurant down the street from them) which was really good – chowder, sliders, and ahi tuna bites. They also had free Harpoon IPA for the 21+ crowd. The store itself is very cozy, and they had some bands perform downstairs.  When we were there, Jamie Kent and The Options performed, and they were really good! (Click on the link to hear some of their music)



(Photo credit: Tearny)

The last few stores we went to were Madewell and Converse. At that point the evening was pretty much winding down, so there wasn’t much going on in those stores. Madewell had a hair braiding station but there was only one person braiding so the line was pretty long. They had a pretty decent sale so I picked up a 3/4 sleeve baseball tee for $14 (originally $48). It was kind of an ego boost to know that I fit into an XS there 😀 Converse was completely empty when we were there, but they had a lot of free candy so I grabbed a bunch (I have little shame when it comes to free candy, plus we were the last ones there so I don’t feel too bad).

Fashion’s Night Out was really fun. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any money or aren’t looking to buy anything – there is so much to do and it’s just a great excuse to hang out with your friends and drink and eat for free. I’m definitely looking forward to next year!


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