A little evening rant.

First of, before my long-winded rant, Happy Saison Day! I celebrated with one of my favorites, Notch Saison. Another good one is Slumbrew’s Flower Envy, and honorable mention goes to Backlash Convergence as well as Pretty Things Jack D’or.

And now for a rant. For the tl;dr crowd the basic message is don’t be a dick and be aware of the people sitting at the bar when you’re trying to order.

I’m a petite person, so I’m used to people not noticing me. In college, whenever I went to concerts, I always felt like I was standing behind the tallest guy there. Just recently at a beer event this really tall guy was standing so close with his back to me that I was genuinely afraid of being elbowed in the face. So, I’ve kind of stopped caring and learned how to be aware enough of my surroundings to not get elbowed in the face.

With that being said, what happened tonight was NOT okay. Listen, I didn’t care *too* much that he was all up in my personal space – it’s a Friday night, it’s a popular bar, it can be difficult to find a space to order a drink. But…

(1) When the guy is not only in my space but also the person to the other side of him

(2) It’s busy, he’s in people’s spaces AND he don’t have enough to pay his bill (he bought one beer and 2 mixed drinks, it’s funny that he thought it would be less than $20)

(3) After taking forever to get enough money to pay the bill he tries to order crappy beer (hint:it rhymes with “Sud Fright”)* AND

(4) When the bartender tells him the bar doesn’t serve Dud Nite, he gets rude about it – he gets louder, and leans forward on the counter and he seemed like he was getting agitated at the fact that the bar doesn’t serve Grud Blight,

(5) And by leaning forward he gets even more in my space, which then prompted the shady drunk guy who I was trying to avoid sit right next to me and then lean into my personal space trying to get him to move back,

(6) At which point the other bartender has to come over and tell him, “There is a human being sitting right there [pointing to me] and you need to move back” at which point he turns to me, goes “Oh…” as if he didn’t realize I was sitting there the entire time, and still doesn’t move back, at which point the bartenders had enough and refused to serve him,

(7) And when the bartenders finally cut him off, instead of leaving, he goes back to his friends and his three female friends in succession go up to the bartender to try to order beers for them, and every time the bartender has to explain that her friends are rude and that’s why he’s not going to serve them.

…And then the shady drunk guy kept trying to talk to me, and what was the most aggravating was he had the balls to act all indignant about that guy getting in my space (even though I really didn’t care that much, I was more concerned that he was being rude to the bartender and the other patron), and then thought it was okay to put his hand on my back and then my shoulder.

I’m sure you’re all rolling your eyes, as I’m sure this happens all the time. But this is the first time it’s happened to me, and it happened at my favorite bar, and I don’t know how people would put up with this on a regular basis. I’m really thankful that this bar has great bartenders who won’t put up with that crap. One bad experience out of 15 is not bad at all, although I’m slowly coming to realize that I am less inclined to go there on the weekends now unless I’m with friends (so at least shady drunk guys won’t try to talk to me)**. And also thank goodness I had my DS Lite with me so that I could play that instead of having to talk to said drunk shady guy.

*Listen, I get it. There is a place for Mud Delight, but this particular bar (which shall remain nameless because it really doesn’t matter – if you follow me on Untappd or know me personally I’m sure you can guess which bar I’m talking about) is not about that and is known for having a great craft beer selection, and it was just more that he was being rude over something as stupid as Crud Site, especially since he hadn’t even finished paying for his other drinks he just ordered either. Also, his friend came up the bar before he did and smelled so bad, I tried to hold my breath as much as possible so I wouldn’t have to smell his B.O.

**I wouldn’t go on the weekends at all, except that the doorman is super cute and more importantly my drinking buddies have M-F jobs so they’re less inclined to mid-week drinking. And that’s too bad because mid-week drinking at this bar is great because the bartenders are great, and the patrons are super awesome and not rude at all.


One thought on “A little evening rant.

  1. We have to find time to have a chat and trade bar war stories sometime. Damn time zones making chatting difficult!!

    But yeah, I hear you. Stay safe out there, and make sure to practice your withering glare. If you can do the one-eyebrow thing, that helps. ❤

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