What Up, Cambridge 5k Freedomfest?!?!??

The starting line 1 hour before the race

I ran my first ever 5k on Sunday! It was Freedom Fest, which is part of the Cambridge 5k series. I was so nervous going in but everyone was so supportive and I ended up doing pretty well. I think my biggest takeaway from the experience is that I have an amazing support system of friends and family, and if I really focus I can do anything.

The run itself was really nice – the best part was running down Cambridge Street because that was familiar territory for me. I even jokingly thought about giving up and running into my favorite bar and grabbing a beer instead (and even if it wasn’t joking – I mean, I was so close to the finish line why would I stop there? – they’re not open that early so it wouldn’t have happened either way). It was nice seeing some familiar faces cheering everyone on during the race – Fletch, who was taking pictures, and Melissa and Erin, who were volunteering for the event through One Brick.

With my friends Michelle and Jeff post-race and post-hot dog :9

The post-run party was amazing as well – great music, great beer, great company and this time there was a lot of food! Since I ran this time the hot dogs and bagels were definitely appreciated. Slumbrew and Notch were great, as always, and Downeast Cider brought their Lemonade which was perfect post-run and it was really warm out. I didn’t have any of Night Shift‘s Trifecta but I figured I need to make a trip to their new brewery so I can grab some then. It was fun being able to celebrate with everyone and dance along.

Team Happy Soles [Photo Credit: Jeff Tamagini]

So, a big thank you goes out to Team Happy Soles for being awesome and encouraging me along the way – all the positive words and thoughts helped keep me focused and energized to run the race. Thank you to my family, for sending me a special race tank and for giving me more positive thoughts from the other side of the country. Thank you to my friends Michelle and Jeff for being just the right amount of crazy to run this 5k with me, I’m so glad we’re friends! Thank you to all the brewers for providing post-run refreshment, and especially to Mary Ellen and Chris of Notch and Caitlin and Jeff of Slumbrew for your words of support and encouragement as well. I could not have done it without each and every one of you!

Some more photos:

Kim, Sarah and I!


My favorite One Brick folks – Melissa, Graham, and Erin

Matty, Caitlin and I. An awesome group of people I feel lucky to call my friends!


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