Catching Up With My Life with Photos

Something that I think makes it hard for me to update regularly is that I feel like I have to write these long detailed posts about all these fun things I’m doing. I need to earn to be succinct and just post things. So here’s essentially a photo essay on the past month of my life, since the Cambridge 5k:


Hopster’s is a really neat brewery in Watertown, MA that also lets customers brew their own beer! I was there for the Slumbrew tap takeover and custom brew (where people got to brew with Jeff, brewer for Slumbrew). Although I did not participate in the custom brew, I did drink beer and eat the delicious flatbread there. (Photo Credit: @slumbrew)


The weekend after I was my friend’s +1 for a wedding in Ithaca, NY. It was a great trip, and one of the most relaxing weddings I’ve ever been to. It was held at the arboretum at Cornell University.


On Sunday before we left we went to the Ithaca Farmer’s Market. It reminded me of Pike Place Market which was nice. Also upstate New York is known for cider, and I got to try a lot of new ciders.


I live near Trina’s Starlite Lounge, which does Monday “Industry Brunch” which is pretty neat. Their chicken and waffles are my favorite in the city (Estelle’s is runner-up in case you were wondering).


My friend had her bridal shower at Rowe Wharf’s Sea Grille’s high tea. If you like high tea, I recommend Rowe Wharf’s. They have an excellent selection of tea (I went with Darjeeling), and their pastries are delicious, both sweet and savory.


My good friend Alex was in HubOpera’s English-language version of Der Vampyr so some mutual friends of ours and I went to the opening performance. We had dinner at Max Brenner’s beforehand, because dessert as dinner before opera is the best thing. She killed it as one of the vampires and the opera as a whole was really fun to watch.


The day after that I was back in the South End for the Blackstone Square Summer Solstice block party. I poured for Slumbrew, who had a beer garden there. It was a lot of fun introducing Slumbrew to a new crowd of people, and everyone had a good time. The weather was perfect, and there were food trucks and live music.


During the US v. Portugal game, I wanted to sit at a bar and read/relax. My usual bar was packed, so I went on an adventure and wandered down to Kendall Square. I ended up watching the first part of the game instead of reading at State Park while enjoying a Notch Session Pils. During the second half of the game I was at Meadhall, which always has a variety of good beers to choose from. The bartender that day was really awesome too. It was fun listening to the reactions of the people watching upstairs without actually being able to see what was going on.


The Tip Tap Room is one of my favorite restaurants/bars in Boston. Chef Brian Poe creates the most amazing dishes (he also runs Estelle’s, the aforementioned runner-up for best chicken and waffles), and the craft beer list is always great. I had the antelope meatloaf sandwich with a White Birch Berliner Weisse and baked brie. Michelle and I were so stuffed that we had to take a power nap at the Esplanade afterwards.


Last, but not least, I went to Six Flags New England yesterday. It was my first time ever at a Six Flags and I had a ton of fun. It was not busy at all, so we didn’t ever have to wait very long for a roller coaster. Bizzaro I think was my favorite, because not having a railing or anything to hold on to while you’re going around the track made it way more terrifying. The Sky Screamer was awesome too because you get a great view of everything, because you’re so high up. Pictured above is the Cyclone, one of two wooden roller coasters there (and is unfortunately being decommissioned next month. Not sure if forever or just to fix it up).

Phew! And tomorrow is July, which only means more exciting adventures around the city! I can’t wait!


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