NAME: Jennnnn (that’s 5 ‘n’s)

LOCATION: Somerville! Moved here 6 months ago and it’s pretty great!

WHAT I LIKE TO DO WHEN I’M NOT WORKING: Volunteering at craft beer festivals, being the best organizer for my Meetup Group, Boston’s Social Nerds, watching way too many cartoons/T.V. shows in general, drinking way too much caffeine, eating and Instagramming free cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes, shopping and buying too many shoes, snuggling with my roommate’s adorable cat.

WHY THIS SITE?: I moved to Boston 6ish years ago, and wanted a place to blog about my adventures exploring my new city. I’m still discovering great things about Boston, and now Cambridge and Somerville as well! You’ll most likely find me blogging about beer fests that I’m volunteering at (or even craft beer in general, Boston has a great community for it) or other random stuff. I love using Eventbrite to find random events to go to, and friends/group members for Boston’s Social Nerds are always posting interesting things on there as well.

HOW CAN I REACH YOU?: Feel free to leave a comment on any of the posts, or you can email me at socialnerdjen@gmail.com.


Thanks for stopping by!


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